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About me

Some information on who I am and how I got started with making webpages.

Hello my name is Sean McManus, I'm a 21 year old web developer from Durham, England experienced in PHP, HTML 4 & 5, CSS and Javascript. I've had an interest in making my own websites ever since I started using the internet several years ago, exploring thousands of amazing websites! The web is growing with tons of new levels of interactivity and possibilities with advances in browsers as well as mobile technology!

How I got started

From a young age I decided to start learning HTML, CSS and the basics of PHP to start building my own websites. I taught myself from online tutorials and studying sources of existing websites and had loads of fun even creating an extremely basic page! Eventually I created my first completed website in 2009; a small gaming news website named "Pure Gamers" which featured basic MySQL PHP connections allowing me and my friends to make news posts from our own accounts.

I loved working on this project and constantly worked on improving the site in my free time adding pagination, new security techniques and better database management. In 2013 I re-created Pure Gamers whilst also learning PHP 5 and researching a lot of new security techniques. This re-created site is available here! I gained a lot of valuable knowledge from this project and presented it to i6 Media in February 2013 with my job application where I was accepted!

Since I started learning web development I've also spent a lot of time just building random websites for fun to experiment with new techniques and functions which PHP and Javascript have to offer as well as practising site designing. I learnt Javascript to allow me to add more user interactivity to my pages and went on to experiment with the jQuery library which allowed me to create bigger and better page features a lot faster and easier whilst supporting all major browsers.

Web development employment

Since February 2013 I've been employed with i6 Media LTD; I was hired as a PHP web developer for their various online flash gaming sites and have been given tasks such as re-writing entire sites, creating new websites and writing scripts to automate tasks they used to do daily such as a crawler I wrote to grab latest games from other flash games sites. I've gained a lot of experience working with them and learnt a lot of new programming skills and techniques whilst having loads of fun working on projects.

Since March 2014 my primary job role has changed to developing Unity mobile games with C# and Javascript; I've built a lot of games over the time as well as helping our other developers along the way as well as providing them with scripts such as implmentation of our internal ad rotation system, Google Analytics event tracking or my Google Admob management script. At this time I am currently still employed with i6 Media.

My portfolio is currently slightly outdated missing information about the new PHP techniques I have learnt as well as examples of my latest work. I also need to present my Unity experience better with examples as well as presenting the games I have worked on at i6 Media. If you are interested in getting in contact with me for more information about my latest projects and would like some more examples of my work please feel free to contact me either using the form at the bottom of the site or via email.

Personal Statement

I am a hard working individual with a strong enjoyment in Website Development and have had experience with PHP, JavaScript and HTML for the past 6 years. I have created several personal websites in the past few years which have helped me develop and improve my skills, I have also recently completed a Level 3 Diploma in IT where I studied some key elements of web development.

Professional Skills:

HTML 5 JavaScript & JQuery
SEO Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Flash (Actionscript 3) Adobe Dreamweaver & Notepad++


2005 - 2010 (Durham Community Business College)

Information and Communication Technology (Level 2)
EDI Level 2 Certificate in Business and Administration (Organisations and People)

GCSE Results:
Applied Business Double Award: A & B Mathematics: B
English: C English Literature: B
Product Design: B Graphic Products: B
Chemistry: B Biology: C
Physics: C

30th June - 1st July 2009

Attended the School of Engineering Aimhigher Summer School

2010 - 2012 (New College Durham)


Modules included:
Communication and Employability Skills for IT Computer Systems
Information Systems E-Commerce
Computing Networks Communication Technologies
Event Driven Programming Database Design
Client Side Customisation of Web Pages Website Production
Digital Graphics Spreadsheet Modelling

NCFE Entry Level Award in Exploring Occupational Studies (Entry 3) NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Interactive Media Functional Skills qualification in Mathematics (Entry 3)

Work Experience

Rivergreen Centre Durham - Brian Dougherty

I was given the opportunity to work in a real web development environment and was given some tasks to improve the current Durham County website. I was also brought to some meetings and shown some development techniques.

Durham County Council - Computer Support and Network Maintenance

I gained a lot of experience from this as I did so many activities such as building some Dell computers and installing an operating system from the servers then traveling to various locations around Durham such as a Foster Home and a small office building where we setup the computers and linked them in a network. I was also shown how the servers at the Durham County Council were linked around the entire building and helped the tech staff dealing with reported computing faults around the building replacing staff computer parts or just to fix general tech issues.

Department of Anthropology, Durham University - Patricia Barber

In the offices of the Durham University Anthropology Department I was given clerical work such as typing emails, writing and delivering letters to the student mailboxes and setting calendar events on the network. I also helped some students with information over the desk who asked for directions or who needed something from the office.

ABC Scaffolding Durham

I worked in the offices of ABC Scaffolding and was shown how to manage data entry into their Oracle database as well as how they handle invoices. I was also asked to create a form which the business could use to assess safety in the workplace in Microsoft Word.

Marks and Spencer's Durham

I worked on the shop floor restocking and facing up the store front, I also had to assist customers with finding products or remove any out of date or broken products from the shelves. At the end of the experience I was asked to prepare a presentation to present to the staff showing how the business could save money and create a larger profit margin.

Web development languages

  • PHP
    • MySQLi Connections & data handling
    • Data encryption and security methods
    • Session and Cookie data handling
    • POST and GET data handling
    • Object Oriented Programming
      • Using Classes
      • Constructors & Destructors
      • Properties & Methods
      • Usage of public, protected and private properties
      • Static methods and properties
      • Using the Scope Resolution Operator
    • DOMDocument
      • Crawling webpages
      • Collecting data and files from external webpages
      • Automatically creating XML sitemaps either via crawling or using database values
      • Validating HTML
    • Search Engine Optimisation
      • Automatic generation of meta data from database values
      • Ensuring certain keywords are focused and page meta data is unique
  • HTML
    • Creating HTML valid pages which adhere to the W3C Standards
    • Supporting new and old browsers
  • HTML 5
    • Canvas element
    • HTML 5 validation
    • Usage of new structural elements
  • CSS & CSS 3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery

Software experience

  • Adobe Photoshop CS3 & CS4
  • Adobe Flash 8, CS3 & CS4
  • Dreamweaver
  • Notepad++
  • Web Browsers
    • Experienced using a range of browsers for webpage testing and debugging
    • Able to analyzing webpages for load speed optimisation
    • Understanding of how different web browsers treat HTML markup differently, including old versions of Internet Explorer
  • FileZilla - FTP Client

Other skills

  • MySQL database management
  • MSSQL database management
  • Planning and organisational skills
  • Hard working
  • Able to work within deadlines
  • Able to work with others in a team

Past projects and experience

Webpages and small web projects which I have built in the past, click to view more information on each project.


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Contact me

If you wish to contact me directly by email you can either use the form below or email me at